String Quartet, Trio, & Jazz Strings

Hello!  My name is Lisa, and I am the manager and a performer in Metropolitan Strings.  We have been performing since 1989 in Colorado.  We play parties, ceremonies, and all kinds and sizes of events- but weddings are what we specialize in and love to do most.

All four members of our group have spent our lives perfecting what we love to do most:  perform.  We all have degrees in music, and have played for a combined total of over 140 years!  We all play in various groups, but playing chamber music (quartets and trios) is our passion.

Metropolitan Strings is a well established group, and not a group of musicians thrown together for a job.  Many music groups have a large list of musicians they call from to play for them.  When you hire the Metropolitan Strings, that is precisely what you will get.  The four of us have played together for many years, so we can uphold the same consistent high quality we have worked hard to achieve.  The only reason you would not get all four of us is if you have hired a trio instead.  If a member is either sick or out of town, we do have a small list of very professional musicians we call on for substitution.  We have the highest standards, because we have worked hard to build our reputation of quality and service.  Our goal is to provide music and service that will delight each of our clients.

Throughout the years, we have collected a whole variety of music including classical, pops, ragtime, jazz, Latin and other types of ethnic pieces.  If you have a special piece of music you would like performed that we do not currently have, we will do our best to find or create an arrangement.  We have done this for several clients.

We pride ourselves in being competitive with other groups not only in quality of performance and service, but also in rates.  Also, because we are centrally located in the Metro Denver area, we do not need to charge mileage to as many locations as many other groups do.

If you are interested, I would love to send you a complimentary sample CD of the Metropolitan Strings performing, a wedding music worksheet for your personal use (if applicable), and a contract.  Please call me at (303) 703-6549, or fill out the "Contact Page".  I will get back to you quickly.

Let us give you the level of personal attention and service you deserve!  We look forward to serving your musical needs.

Musically yours,
Lisa Kriss, Manager
Metropolitan Strings
(303) 703-6549